Solo Results and Standings

How to get access to Results?

  1. During the event until midnight, you can view the results from the event using the Live Timing site!
  2. From Midnight on, the Live Timing data is moved to the “Live Timing for Last Event” site.
  3. Preliminary un-audited results are posted on this page below between 1 and 3 days after the event.
  4. Final results and calculated annual points are posted within 4 weeks (or before next event).

2022 Annual Championship Points Standings

Class Points (as of the 4-23-22 event)

Driver of the Year Points (as of the 3-20-22 event)

Event Results

Event DateResult Data
January 9th 2022By ClassBy Index | By Index w/X-runs
February 27th 2022By ClassBy Index | By Index w/X-runs
March 20th 2022By ClassBy Index | By Index w/X-runs
April 23th 2022By ClassBy Index | By Index w/X-runs
May 15th 2022Prelim by ClassPrelim by Index | Prelim by Index w/X-runs
June 5th 2022
October 2nd 2022
October 23rd 2022
November 19th 2022
December 3rd 2022

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