Time Trials

Join the San Diego SCCA Region in Time Trial events. These consist of a competitive, scored session with specified allotted time or a specific number of laps. The fastest single lap in a session will be used for event scoring. Time Trials is not a race, so competitors will need to manage themselves and traffic to allow for everyone to get the best shot at a good lap.

If you are looking for upcoming events, please see our main page and for more information on the SCCA Time Trials please head to https://timetrials.scca.com.

For competition and venue specific rules, please head over to the Time Trials Rules page.

What our Time Trial is all about!

While registering for our event you’ll be presented with the option to sign up for a regular Track Day entry or a Time Trials entry. Both of are run in parallel with each other, Time Trial drivers during the event will have their best lap time reordered from each session by our timing and scoring staff. At the end of the event we will conclude with a Trophy Ceremony and pictures!

How much does it cost?

Our Time Trials events are currently free of charge!

Do I need specific timing gear or to rent timing equipment?

Since this event is a BYOTD (Bring your own timing device) it’s important to remember that ”There are no Track Transponders”… rentals or even if you have your own. That being said, you can use any GPS based timing device/app. 

Examples of these include but are not limited to:

  • HotLap (Our Personal Favorite)
  • Track Addict
  • Harry’s Laptimer
  • SoloStorm
  • AiM SOLO
  • Garmin Catalyst
  • Anything pretty much using GPS

If you’re not sure, feel free to email us and we’ll hammer it out prior to the event. 

What class is my vehicle?

If you’re not sure about your vehicle class please see the links below for the classing rules and the SCCA TIme Trials Group. We will try our best to answer questions about limitations on your vehicle, and understand rules are written about what is “Allowed” not what is “Not Allowed”, this means you have a modification not listed its likely breaking a class rule. If you would like our assistance classing your vehicle feel free to email us and we will do our best, but please indicate what type of vehicle it is and the list of modifications.