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Solo Board Members

2020 Solo Executive Board
Chairman: Gary Cameron
Vice Chair: Mark Wolfe
Secretary: Ric Senior
Treasurer: Chris Teague
Past Chair: Chris Teague

Other Positions
Equipment Chair: Jeff Lonsdale
National Event Chair: Open
Membership: Ric Senior
Lot: Robbie Robinson
Course Design: Todd Cameron
Registration: Robbie Robinson
Timing and Scoring:  Ashley Wille & Larry Chan
PR: Peter Bollenbecker
Novice: Hank Yanfang & Carl Miller
Sound:  Eric Sakariasen
Annual Tech: Hank Yamfang
Waivers: Patty Cook

San Diego Region Clubs
Club Rep: Nima Abrahim
Club Rep: Edwin LIu
Club Rep: Wally Cook

Meeting Time and Location
Meetings are held the First Monday of the month at Denny’s Restaurant at 4280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117