Solo National Event Conflict – Annual Points Adjustment

As a commitment to allow our members the ability to advance their skill and enjoy other events that SCCA has to offer, the San Diego Region has added as a supplemental regulation the following provision:

Annual number holders may request their class points average for any championship event when attending a conflicting National SCCA Solo event (defined as the National event falling on the same days as the local event). Qualifying events may include, but are not limited to, Championship Tour, Solo Nationals, Match Tour, ProSolo, CAM Challenge, and SCCA Convention. Attending a competing SCCA Solo Regional Championship does not qualify. All requests for an average event score must be made to the Solo sub-committee prior to the conflicting event in order to be eligible. It is up the competitor to confirm his or her approval for their average event score prior to the event. A driver’s class average shall be calculated per the following formula:

  • Class average for event = total points earned by the driver in their class / number of San Diego Solo Championship events driver competed in and earned points for in the same class.
  • Event Class Average for Driver of the Year = total points earned by the competitor / total number of San Diego Solo championship events driver competed in and earned points in.

It is a stringent requirement for fairness that the competitor makes the request PRIOR to the conflicting National Event. Upon verification by way of posted results of the National Event, local region annual points will be modified reflecting the change using the above formula.

Please use the following form to make this request:

If you have an SCCA Membership number please supply it (Not Required)
Your car (solo) number is required.
Which class is the requested modification for.
Must be a direct conflict with a local championship event.
Please identify the name of the National event you are attending.
If there is any other specific information which could be helpful, please enter it here.