Solo Points Card Info

What are the benefits to a points card?

  • The ability to accumulate points toward the year-end championship competition (you can’t win a trophy or jacket without one!)
  • A “permanent” car number for the year (no taping 10xx numbers to your paint)

Do I need to join the SCCA to get a Points Card?

  • Technically no, but you will NOT be able to compete in our events since a SCCA membership is required.

Do SCCA members need a Points Card to compete for points?

  • Yes. While an SCCA membership will provide you some of the benefits of a San Diego SOLO points card, it will not allow you to compete for points. Points are tracked by car number, so without the permanent number provided by the points card, you will not be able to compete for points.

Can I reserve a Points Card number before paying?

  • Points card numbers are NOT put on hold/reserve by request for anyone.

When will I receive my Points Card?

  • Points cards are no longer mailed out as they are not required at registration (only driver’s license and SCCA membership card. As long you are registered online, your name will appear on the list.

When can I renew my Points Card?

  • The Annual Renewal for your points card will be announced via our Mailing List towards the end of October each year, and will remain open until December 31st.
  • You can sign up for the Region Mailing list here -> Subscribe